Spain vs Crisis

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“El mundo es un libro, y aquellos que no viajan sólo leen una página”  Sant’Agostino Viaja,porque solo viajando se aprende a vivir de verdad, rompiendo las barreras del prejuicio. Se curioso, explora. Sólo de… Continue reading


Ipad, Iphone, laptop, netbook, tablet, kindle. New technologies dominate our era. And our minds. So what will the end of the old books and journals?! There are those who are willing to renounce… Continue reading

Startup, ¿qué?

By A.P. La de los startupper no es sólo una moda, es una nueva generación entre los veinte y los cuarenta años que en lugar de quejarse por la falta de trabajo, lo… Continue reading

Yes, we can!

Favorable or not, Democrats or Republicans. Regardless of the inclinations, Obama’s carism is undeniable. Some politicians have a lot to learn… Chapeau!

Inside Job

By A.P. The documentary Inside Job retraces the origins of 2008 economic and financial crisis, analyzing the mechanisms and processes that since the 80s laid the foundation for this global crisis, and trying… Continue reading

Communication power: when economic interests clashes with the public interest.

By A.P. “Journalism is to spread what someone does not want you to know, the rest is propaganda”. Words of Horacio Verbitzky, Argentine writer and investigative journalist, spokesman for the policies truths concerning… Continue reading