Materia: “lee, piensa, comparte”

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Carl Sagan Materia is a new website dedicated to science, health, and… Continue reading

Madrid does not respect air pollution’s levels imposed by European Union.

“Thousands of people commute to Madrid everyday – What impact does this have on air quality? “ When Richard Adams, our Video Production’s teacher, assigned us this new project, most of us believed that Madrid… Continue reading

When I grow up…

 I was child, I wanted to write. I thought to me as a great writer, or a great journalist. I loved my imagination, and the way I used the writing to express myself: I was… Continue reading

social network: the era of digital emotions

Sunday. 9:00 am. The alarm clock goes repeatedly. I wake up and I turn it off. I sit on the bed, reach out to the bedside table and grab the laptop. 9:15. I am… Continue reading


Someone defined it as “a masterpiece in six minutes”, while others said they were perplexed by the “extreme banality of the usual boring happy ending”. What is certain is that Paperman, the last… Continue reading

Spanish Prime Minister involved in a corruption scandal

Spain’s Premiere Mariano Rajoy responds to allegations by denying any involvement in the affair, while citizens protest and calls for his resignation. Last Saturday during a press conference Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy… Continue reading

Niagarank, and the most tweeted news of the moment

    What are the most discussed topics of the week?  What about the latest and more shared  news? And who are the most relevant and influential users on the web? The answers… Continue reading


How will be the future? What will be the next evolution of the digital world? In 2005 Microsoft shared his personal vision of the future. Welcome to 2020: Science fiction? Maybe. But the… Continue reading

January 27: a day to remember

  “If it’s impossible to understand, know it is necessary because all of those who will forget their past are condemned to live it again” (Primo Levi)   Sixty-eight years have passed from… Continue reading

Studying abroad: are you happy?

In a recent post, talking about Happiness, I mentioned a video assigned us by Richard Adams, Video Production’s teacher. The subject was: You’re studying for a Master in Digital Journalism – Are you happy?… Continue reading

Breaking news and social networks

We live in the era where news circulate at unimaginable speed and where we can easily get in touch with what happens in the other part of the world and be kept up… Continue reading

Happiness definition wanted

  What is happiness? Few days ago I wrote a post about the idea to organize a public event to spread happiness. Our next assignment for the Video Production’s class is about record… Continue reading

As the crisis worsens the brain drain, Italians leave Italy and choose Spain

When 33-year-old Paolo Dossena graduated in History eight years ago, he realized he wasn’t going to find a job in Italy, so he decided to move to the Spanish city of Barcelona. “When… Continue reading

Spreading happiness

“How much happiness can you spread in three hours?“    “How would you create the maximum value with five euros and four hours?”. This was the challenge that Ignacio Larru Martínez proposed us… Continue reading

La otra cara de la crisis

No pretendamos que las cosas cambien si siempre hacemos lo mismo. La crisis es la mejor bendición que puede sucederle a personas y países porque la crisis trae progresos. La creatividad nace de… Continue reading

When the Earth Planet has to face global problems

At the crossroads between a world public opinion and a spiral of silence.   Anas is a young Syrian who lives in Madrid, waiting that the civil war in his country ends in… Continue reading

Street Performers in Madrid!

Madrid is full of street artists. Here are a few photos that I shot last weekend in Madrid with my colleague Garland. Great time during our Photography job! Photo by Alice Podenzana Edited… Continue reading

Attention to customers! The Dell Hell’s case

What happens today if a customer complains about a company’s product and its attention to customer service? Probably nothing serious, unless the customer does not complain openly on his personal blog and unless his… Continue reading

We can change the world where we live in.

“Let us stand together to make of our world a sustainable source for our future as humanity on this planet” Nelson Mandela   @AlicePodenzana

The future of the nation state: strengthen the local identity in order to create a global one.

I started to think on what a ”nation state” is. Searching for a definition, I’ve found the following: “The nation state is a state that self-identifies as deriving its political legitimacy from serving… Continue reading