Love&Lust Movement, paint me a love story

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May you love & lust every second of your life!

This is the main slogan of Love&Lust Movement, an event production company that organise UV paint events with the central theme placed on producing memories & painting love stories. It was founded in 2011 in Umeå , a little city in the north of Sweden, by Martin Jara from Ecuador and Terry Smith from Hong Kong. Their idea was to make people bring a loving and positive provocative attitude to their party, and for this reason they chose “Love & Lust” as name for their events.

After the first parties organized for friends and fellow students in a basement under a student dorm, the Martin’ and Terry’s idea began to attract the attention of Umeå’s club scene, and the Love and Lust parties moved to a local pub. Started in Sweden, in only two years the Movement reached other countries, as Italy, Spain, South America and Israel, becoming soon a global movement.



Although the movement is totally coordinated by Martin and Terry, who guide the company giving it a coherent and same direction, there are also regional representatives of where the L&L hosted at least one party. Alessandro Tedesco, the regional representative for Italy, met the Love&Lust Movements’ co-founders during his Erasmus period in Umeå two years ago and he was immediately attracted by the idea they wanted to transmit.”I was there to experience this amazing way of think and live so that i got to know both and started to help them out.”


The Love Campaign

On January 2012, one of the coldest and darkest months in the north of Sweden, the co-founders decided to reinforce the Love&Lust’s philosophy creating the Love Campaign, “a time for joy, friendship and togetherness with the ones we love”. They created a section in their official website dedicated to events aimed to share these feelings, as the free hugs day. “This is key to create a true love movement.” Alessandro says. “Eventually we would like to have some sort of charity or foundation where we could really make a difference!”

Future Events

After the success of the Americas and Scandinavian Tour organized last year, the Love&Lust Movement continue to spread its message globally.

“Other parties are on their way in all Europe thank to our great job of communication and marketing we are building strong connection everywhere,” Alessandro says.

Spring Break On Cruise is the name of the next event in program for next March 22 to 24 that will take place in Italy,being the first Italian student cruise ever.

Watching some videos of past events, the advice is: do not miss it!