Madrid does not respect air pollution’s levels imposed by European Union.

Thousands of people commute to Madrid everyday – What impact does this have on air quality?

When Richard Adams, our Video Production’s teacher, assigned us this new project, most of us believed that Madrid was a very “clean” city, also with regards to its air.

But after a quick research online, we discovered that that it is not so. The air pollution’s problem affects a lot Madrid and its community, and for more than 10 years the Spanish government was looking to be within the legal limits imposed by European legislation, unsuccessfully. The main causes of air pollution in Madrid are  traffic and commuting. In fact each day one million cars go in and out of the city, increasing the level of air pollution.

In January the community of Madrid received a one-year extension to comply with the air contamination’s limits imposed by European Union,  provoking protests of citizens led by various groups and organizations such as Ecologistas en Acción and Equo, who think that “E.U. is giving a prize to the government instead of giving a penalty.”