When I grow up…

270151_383847781699054_2068766015_n_large I was child, I wanted to write. I thought to me as a great writer, or a great journalist. I loved my imagination, and the way I used the writing to express myself: I was totally at ease. But growing, the life ask you to be realistic and to face the reality. Dreams are just dreams.

What would you like to do when you grow up?” As a child, the answer seemed to be so easy. There were no limits to the imagination. There were no impossible dreams. Then, someone says you that it’s time to leave the Peter Pan’s Neverland, and grow. So you lose that immense power of imagination and, with it, the ability to follow your instinct and the believe that you can arrive wherever you want.

But one morning  you could wake up and feel that something is missing. You could feel unhappy and unsatisfied. In that moment, you should stop, think, and realize that your life is simply not the life you dreamed when you were child. Just realize that you did not follow your natural path.

It seems that we are so busy working, studying, taking care of others, that always forget about ourselves and our happiness. We often forget to ask us: “What I want to be when I grow up?”

You, adult, ask yourself if what you are doing now corresponds to your childhood dreams.

If not, and if you are not satisfy with your life, maybe you should find the time to stop, and remember who you are


“Keep pushing on, because there is a world full of mysteries to you to solve.”

When I Grow Up from The Academy on Vimeo.


P.s. Thank you to Camilo that sent me this beautiful video!