How will be the future? What will be the next evolution of the digital world?
In 2005 Microsoft shared his personal vision of the future.

Welcome to 2020:

Science fiction? Maybe. But the video, created by Microsoft Office Labs and also available in the longest version, seems to have something in common with a recent video launched by Google to promote its augmented reality glasses. The Google Project Glass was presented last summer and it is highly awaited by the market and the fans of new technologies. And these will not have to wait long. In fact, the glasses will be launched this year for few potentials (and wealthy)  developers, while the common folk will have to wait to 2014 to have a “cheap” version of it.

Meanwhile Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, was spotted in the New York subway testing out his latest jewel.

…is the future coming?

To Be Continued