January 27: a day to remember



“If it’s impossible to understand, know it is necessary because all of those who will forget their past are condemned to live it again” (Primo Levi)


Sixty-eight years have passed from one of the biggest crimes committed by humankind. Six million of Jews, two million Gypsies, 15,000 homosexuals exterminated in the name of an inhuman ideology that saw one master race, the only one worthy to exist on planet Earth. Different people do not deserve to live because they put at risk the purity of the Aryan race.
Today the whole world remembers the victims of this madness, the same day when 68 years ago the Soviet troops arrived in the Polish city of Auschwitz, discovering the notorious concentration camp and liberating the few survivors.

It is difficult to imagine what happened. But the voices of the survivors, their stories, their bright eyes remembering what happened, affect the soul and call to a silent reflection.

Unfortunately, despite the evidence, there are still those who deny the Holocaust and the existence of concentration camps, there is still racism and homophobia.

But today there is no space for them who don’t want to see the truth. Today is the Remembrance Day, in which each of us should talk less and think a little bit on really important things, such as the value of Life and of every single human.