Happiness definition wanted



What is happiness?

Few days ago I wrote a post about the idea to organize a public event to spread happiness. Our next assignment for the Video Production’s class is about record a short video trying to ask through the images to one question: “Are you happy?”.

So I have started to think about what is happiness and despite all my efforts to find the right words to define it, I still can not find an appropriate definition. Is it a fleeting moment or a continuous process? Is it a very abstract concept or something that you can reach out and touch? But above all, makes it sense to look for its definition?

I believe that often we can’t see it because we look too much far away, while it is often hidden in things that are closer. Just something simple.

Look the following video: this is one of the more beautiful examples of “spreading happiness” than I’ve ever seen.

What do you think, isn’t this HAPPINESS?!